Jun 2019
2019 ANNUAL Conference
Welcome to Meditouria
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Meditouria is an effort to put technology and patients experience together. It is an unbiased platform that offers all the healthcare stakeholders to come, engage and exchange their views and skills for better patients outcomes in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Through adopting modern technologies, we at Advatech Healthcare aim at dealing with the problems of getting GP appointments faster and whenever needed, all over the Country. Together with our partner NHS, we are constantly innovating ourselves and embracing new technologies/mechanics (AI and machine learning) to make processes faster that would eventually result in better patient outcomes.

By engaging in thorough research and paying attention to patients’ concerns, we have earmarked the following areas that are lacking in providing them with timely medical intervention; such as IVF, dental care, organ donation and transplantation, mental health problems, on time ortho & neurosurgeries, managing the aged community, etc. By working hand in hand with the NHS and several other private organizations, we aim to place and maintain the patients’ interest and well being in the very first place.

With Global advancement in the healthcare sector, people are now getting indulged with hundreds of options to get their treatments done in better yet cost-effective ways. Patients are now willing to travel to different countries because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, zero waiting time, access to care or better availability. In Meditouria, we try to collaborate and co-operate with different healthcare service providers and hospitals to bring everything under one roof for better client/patient experience.

Meet Our Speakers

With a great event come great speakers. Checkout what do we have to offer. If you are interested in exhibitors you can click on the button below to check them out.

Chairman and Founder of Apollo Hospitals
    Chief Operating Officer at UK India Business Council
      Founder, Director, CECL, London
        Senior Healthcare Specialist at Healthcare UK
          CEO, AyurVAID Hospitals
          Chief Operating Officer at Hinduja Hospital
          MD & GROUP CEO INDO UK
            Chair and Founder of Hallmark Care Homes and Chair of Care England
            Medical Director Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd.

              • 20 Jun 2019
                Day 1
              • Morning Session
              • Afternoon Session
              8.30 am
              – Registration and badge collection

              9 am
              Opening and key note

              •      Samit Biswas Founder & CEO Advatech Healthcare
              •       Sir David Amess MP Southend West
              •       Sr. NHS Personal
              •        Department for International Trade
              •       Indian High Commission (TBC)
              •       Ministry of Tourism (TBC)

              9.30 am -10.15 am
              “The UK India healthtech – current opportunities and challenges”

              •       Chris Born (Healthcare UK)
              •       Dr. Ajay R Gupta (IUHK)
              •       Joy Chakrobarty (Hinduja Hospital)
              •       NHS CCG (TBC)
              •       Moderator: TBC

              10.20 am- 11.05 am
              “IVF Treatment for the UK residents – options and the opportunities”

              •         Ema Locker — UK & International patient manager
              •        Dr. Cristina Hickman, Founder, Director, Clinical Embryology Consultant
              •        Moderator Dr. Mahantesh Karosi Medical Director Advatech Healthcare Europe

              11.05-11.15 am
              Tea Break

              11.15 am – 12 noon
              “Organ Donation/Transplant – challenges and how to overcome it”

              •       TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC
              •       Moderator: TBC

              12.00 pm- 12.45 pm
              Lunch Break

              12.45 pm – 1.30 pm
              “Aged community – how to manage their healthcare and mobility”

              •      Institute of Ageing (TBC), Post Ageing Research Institute (TBC)
              •      Rajiv Vasudevan (CEO AyurVaid), Alternative medicine (TBC)
              •      Moderator: TBC

              1.35 pm – 2.20 pm
              "Mental health issue the silent killer – how to tackle?”

              •      Speakers : TBC
              •      Moderator: TBC

              2.20 pm – 2.30 pm
              Tea Break

              2.30 pm – 3.15 pm
              “ Dental care – domestic or global. What is the best option?”

              • Gagan Bhalla (Apollo Dental), Finton (TBC), NHS Dental (TBC)
              • Moderator: TBC

              3.20 pm – 4.05 pm
              “Ortho & Neuro planned surgery waiting list! How we can address and thechallenges”

              • Dr. Ajay Gupta
              • Dr. Amitendu Sekhar (TBC)
              • Merrill Life Science (TBC)
              • Moderator: TBC10

              4.10 pm – 4.55 pm
              “Role of health insurance and medical facilitator for a cost effective, planned and quality treatment options”

              •      Dr. Prem (TBC)
              •      Insurance (TBC)
              •      Samit Kumar Biswas
              •      Moderator: Joy Chackraborty

              4.55 pm – 5 .00pm
              Thanks giving & closing remark

              • John Kearney Jarrett, Director Business  Development Advatech Healthcare

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              Welcome to Meditouria

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