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Meditouria is an effort to put technology and patients experience together. It is an unbiased platform that offers all the healthcare stakeholders to come, exchange and engaged their views and skills for better patients outcomes in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Technological amalgamation
IT merges with Healthcare Innovations

Character is lost, nothing is lost; money is lost, something is lost; but health is lost, everything is lost; the old saying is still very much apt today, where all the nodal organizations of the world candidly confess that a country’s development index is very much dependent on its healthiness. Fragments of the developing and underdeveloped countries have already started understanding its need and realizing its reality.

If we compare the current health care scenario with that of the past, it is seen that the conventional healthcare sector was subjected to assorted ailments due to factors like the lack of medical awareness, low penetration of medical insurance, low doctor to population ratio, poor to low family income, limited knowledge about health care sectors and so on. However, the health care industry has witnessed a robust growth in the past few years and developed rapidly in the field of health care campaigns, increased medical insurance coverage, and a steady thrust in the medical tourism sector.

The several key trends that are the driving factors for the medical industry’s growth are:

  • Increase in income and thus an increase in healthcare demand from the growing middle-class in largest cities
  • Increasing aged population
  • Increasing lifestyle related health issues
  • Faster diagnosis leading to early treatment, awareness and preventive health care disorders
  • Affordable treatment cost
  • Government initiatives and focus on Private Partnerships (PPP) models

‘If you are healthy you are wealthy’…. is the bullion dictum that the major healthcare sectors are moving ahead with. A recent balanced and unwavering alteration has been experienced by the healthcare industry worldwide. An incessant stipulation of Medical tourism has facilitated it to achieve a universal identification and enormous esteem in terms of medical travel. Medical tourism a distinctive tourism devoted to the medication of critically ill patients dropping the treatment time and is well cost effective followed by an apposite tourist spot after recovery.

Medical Tourism, also known as medical travel or health tourism. People from all over the world still have a propensity to visit the country for their medication and recreational wants.


Advatech Healthcare being one of the leading medical tourism facilitators in the global market is apprehensive about all its patients’ medical needs and services. Focusing mainly on the medical tourism sector through a complete IT-enabled field, Advatech Healthcare has amalgamated with more than 100 plus best hospitals in and across the globe and some of the best doctors worldwide. To ensure a top-notching healthcare deliverance, it provides an effective and reliable alternative against expensive check-up and surgeries to its patients.

The best tourism spot by all the medical tourism facilitators like this enables a patient to undergo all his critical treatment in a smooth way following with tourist spots in Spain, Poland, India, Turkey, Costa Rica, Jordan, Thailand, Singapore and Germany. From travel logistics, visa, transportation for medical treatment, to surgery, hospitalization, travel and a stay in or across the country, the medical tourism facilitators provide quality medical care and services worldwide.

Preferred Destination of Travel


The treatments require as per the database are, 20% seeks dental as well as cosmetic treatment, 18% seeks weight loose treatment, 14% seeks orthopaedic treatment, 10% seeks eye treatment and 8% seeks cancer treatment.

Treatment Requirements

As treatments in some places are moderately expensive, many patients from shift to places of their preferred destination to seek a low-cost treatment and a medical tourism service at an affordable cost.

However, there often arrives a limitation to such kind of abroad treatment as there remains no direct contact or conversation with the respective doctor regarding their medical reports. Consultation with the doctor from such a far off place becomes rather intricate in such cases. And this is when the role of IT in health care sectors comes into exercise.

It was an era ago, when the Indian healthcare industry faced major challenges towards its growth in terms of technology and globalization, but as the motto prevails, better be late than never, the healthcare industry has also bucked up itself for all the major advancements in this sector. Not only India, but all the major healthcare sectors across the world has also undergone various global advancements in terms of healthcare facilities. Not only India, but the major global countries are also gaining a huge recognition as medical service tourism facilitators and providing an excellent worldwide healthcare service.

The Information Technology (IT) today is playing a core role in each and every panorama of healthcare diligence ensuring rapid adaptability to advance and sophisticated technological know-how and a stipulation of superior healthcare at an affordable price. The sharp penetration of medical tourism and IT in the healthcare turf has benefitted the hospitals as well as the patients thus generating better health vigilance among the citizens.

Keeping abreast of new technological permeation is a demanding chore. Advancing technology is altering the healthcare sector stupendously. Healthcare has turned out to be accomplishing itself exceptionally well in the deliverance of healthcare services, operations and other administrative practices.

These evolutions to innovative technologies are making improvements in many medical procedures, the free and wireless transfer of information during an emergency, supervising medical records and monetary dealings. And the best part is that all these developments are actually improving patient care and showing remarkable developments in the healthcare field.

Technology is transforming healthcare, gradually but certainly. Everybody, starting from the doctors, nurses, patients to the healthcare service providers should know the way to access, leverage and manage the web-based designing technology and IT to carry out the word liberally.

Data management in healthcare is also developing into a grave issue thus laying an impact over various healthcare disciplines.

In many cases, it so happens that the patient or their relatives stay abroad or away from each other in a different place, but through the aid and the usage of IT, it becomes easier for them to uphold and preserve an online data and report of the patient’s medical history.

The use of IT in the health care sector is convenient as well as eco-friendly for the patients as all the works can be done in a digital base. It needs no money and also works as a time saviour in many emergency cases. It also gives complete 24*7 access to all its patients across the world.

Like other IT vaults, the Advatech Health Vault is such an online store that keeps all the medical reports, data, and gives it’s patient’s easy access to online consultancy and exchange details effortlessly. The health vault precisely allows the patient to have his/her own website account containing all the necessary medical reports and data. All the patients who have taken Advatech services across the globe can maintain easy access to their online medical reports through the health vault sitting back at their native. If there is a loss of report anywhere any time, the patient doesn’t need to get worried as he/she can easily get through their report from the online vault. The detailed price chart for treatment, operation and consultation along with cost comparison are also available on the website enabling the patients to easy access. Special post-operative care for patients after surgery also becomes convenient as the patient can get a trouble-free routine check-up following the doctor’s advice on the website itself.

With the application of technology in the healthcare industry, Medical Tourism will really be wealthy in the coming years, and hence the old proverb recalls once more, ‘health is wealth’.